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Barcelona Restaurant and Bar Announces Brand New Website!

October 29, 2009 – 5:25 pm Posted by nate

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Barcelona Restaurant and Bar has a brand new website that features a completely new look and feel.  The new website is full of great information and is much more interactive for guests.  The newest features include a calendar of events, featured artists, up-to-date menus, pictures of managers and a whole lot more.

See for yourself at:

Katzinger’s Anniversary & Cocktails by Design

October 27, 2009 – 3:21 pm Posted by nate

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katzingerIt has already been a busy month for the Dine Originals Columbus community. We joined Diane Warren and the extraordinary staff at Katzinger’s in celebrating 25 years as a landmark institution. Well, it certainly wasn’t a landmark institution the day it opened, but with a signature style, amazing food, a location at the gateway to historic German Village, and visits from the likes of Bill Clinton, it became one over the years. We posed for pickle pictures, toasted Diane and her former partner Steve, and danced the Hora with Diane in the seat of honor.

lessnerWe also participated in a remarkable event called Cocktails by Design produced by the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. The fundraiser, which couples interior design with the art of food, raised money to advance the work of the pediatric AIDS program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the day to day operations of the Pater Noster House. The evening was a brilliant blast of cuisine, creativity, and spectacle. We were incredibly proud of the 11 Dine Original Restaurateurs who responded to the appeal to provide appetizers for 800 guests with a generous “yes.” The participating restaurants included The Refectory, The Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails, Barcelona Restaurant and Bar, DeepWood, Trattoria Roma, Cotters at the Arena, G. Michael’s Bistro, Alana’s, The Clarmont and Rigsby’s Kitchen.

7 Wines for $10!

October 21, 2009 – 10:54 pm Posted by nate

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Thursday October 22nd from 5:30-7:30pm
7 Wines for $10!

Cotters Restaurant is proud to present 7 Wine Trends featured wines from our new fall menu plus complimentary hors d’ouevres for just $10!

Discount Gift Certificate Sale

October 21, 2009 – 10:06 pm Posted by nate

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certsOn Thursday, October 22nd, Dine Originals Columbus will have it’s fourth and final discount gift certificate sale of the year.

For those of you new to the sale, you can get gift certificates to the best locally-owned restaurants in Columbus for 30% off. The discount gift certificates are always wildly popular, and often sell out very quickly.

Normally, our gift certificates go online early in the morning. We’re going to try something new this sale. The gift certificates will go online later in the day, sometime between 7pm and 8pm. You can access the sale by clicking “Gift Certificates” above, or by clicking here.

We’re also excited to announce that the sale will take place on the next generation of our gift certificate software, managed by Much like the new Dine Originals Columbus website, the store will have an updated look and feel, and should be faster and easier than ever to use.

The timing and look of the sale may new, but getting amazing deals to your favorite restaurants will remain the same. We’ll see you Thursday evening!


Our new gift certificate design

October Wine Special

October 13, 2009 – 9:23 am Posted by nate

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During the month of October, Cotter’s has a fantastic new wine special. With the purchase of an entree, guests have the option to purchase a select bottle of wine for up to 50% off!

New Fall Menus

October 13, 2009 – 9:16 am Posted by nate

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Cotter’s has rolled out their new fall menu. Please check it out at the links below!

Cotter’s Fall Lunch Menu

Cotter’s Fall Dinner Menu

Pique Your Appetite

October 8, 2009 – 9:21 am Posted by Katharine Moore

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rigsbysat-the-counterpatinWhile there was endless discussion about the need to “create” an identity for Columbus in recent years, an amazing community of food aficionados took shape and the city became characterized as a haven for foodies. Central Ohio has become a thriving center for independent restaurants, community gardening, the slow food movement, and innovative programming that ensures children are taught to chose healthy, nutritious food. We have an extraordinary public market, dozens of farmers markets, and a member-owned natural food market unmatched in the Midwest. The American Community Gardening Association is headquartered here, Columbus State’s culinary program is outstanding, and Local Matters offers three synergistic programs to succeed in their mission: Farm to Fork, Urban Agriculture and Local Food to School which brings nutrition education to pre-school and early-elementary students.

Almost in tandem a collection of reporters, bloggers, columnists, and critics stepped in to cover the developments, trends, accomplishments, and disasters. So if every media outlet in town is writing about food, restaurants, the business of the hospitality industry, and the best and worst of the Food Network’s programming, what do we plan to cover here? The Dine Originals Columbus community of independently owned restaurants.

I’m going to write about why being mindful of where you spend your dining dollars is important, I’m going to profile great brunch destinations, which dining rooms have worthy art exhibits, tell you where to go load up on carbs before the Columbus Marathon, and who in black check pants might be available for dating. Well, I haven’t really cleared that last one with the Board of Trustees, but it seems to me to be a potentially valuable service. I have 40 member restaurants to gather information from…there isn’t a single week of the year that isn’t loaded with tapas competitions, happy hour offers, chef’s table specials, and tastings. In the last month we’ve seen tastings of chocolate, wine, scotch, olive oils, cheeses, champagnes, and Ohio-farmed shrimp. I don’t toss at night wondering where I’m going to come up with column content!

So, welcome to You have arrived at a useful place if you have a soft spot for those exceptional dining establishments that make things from scratch, on premises, and rely on local products made with that artisan labor of love. You’ve found a community of like minded people if you are more apt to head to the neighborhood pub with local brews on tap than one with all of the stock national favorites. No doubt your tastes are as varied as could be, but then so are our 40 locally and independently owned member restaurants. If you are eager to savor glorious new things and if your favorite menus tend to serve as an almanac of seasonal produce then we’re likely to be a good match! From Katzinger’s and The Burgundy Room to Banana Bean and Rigsby’s Kitchen, our members approach dining out from 40 different approaches, but there are commonalities; nobody seems to feel the need to pull any tricks; our members just focus on making each serving a dish of high quality with deep flavor.

If you end up visiting often, it probably means you are a food enthusiast, you are more ardent than the average bear about your dining choices, and you have developed an appreciation for the taste of independence.

I look forward to piquing your appetite and your interest.