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Drinks in the Dark is Back at Due Amici

March 30, 2010 – 12:10 pm Posted by Katharine Moore

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Due Amici is bringing back Drinks in the Dark on Saturday, April 24th at 8pm.  The restaurant will be filled with candles and everyone will be dining and enjoying drinks by candlelight.  It’s a very unique event and a fabulous time. For more information, contact Due Amici at 614-224-9373.

Easter Dinner at The Refectory

March 25, 2010 – 10:30 am Posted by nate

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On Sunday, April 4th The Refectory will be servinga 3 Course Easter Dinner. Click here for all of the details.

Spring Holiday Plans

March 24, 2010 – 2:35 pm Posted by Katharine Moore

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Our member restaurants have a wide variety of plans for the Easter/Passover holidays…from brunch at the Bexley Monk to a menu of Spring specials at Shaw’s.  Please check individual websites for more information.

Happy Spring!

Restaurant Week Extended at Mezzo

March 17, 2010 – 2:55 pm Posted by nate

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Due to the overwhelming success of last week’s Dine Originals Week, we’ve decided to continue to offer the fixed-price menu through this week! Enjoy a 3-course meal at a special fixed-price of $20.10 per person.

House Salad
Mixed Greens, Poached Apples, Spiced Walnuts, Gorgonzola Vinaigrette
Wedge Salad
Smoked Bacon, Diced Tomatoes, Gorgonzola, Peppercorn Ranch Dressing


Sautéed Salmon
Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Zucchini, Balsamic Reduction
Chicken Marsala
Roasted Shitakes, Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes
Lasagna al Forno
Veal, Beef, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Marinara

Ricotta Cheesecake
Whipped Cream and Strawberries
Layered Triple Chocolate Cake
Powdered Sugar and Raspberries

Local Matters

March 15, 2010 – 1:16 pm Posted by Katharine Moore

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aspargusThanks to all of the great eaters who happily emerged from the hibernation of our harsh winter in time to celebrate Dine Originals Week. While some may scout for crocuses poking their green sprouts out of still crisp winter soil to be certain that spring will, in fact, come around, Dine Originals people find that assurance in the buzz of a busy restaurant. And you can’t hide those patios. We all know they’ll be scrubbed down and reopened sooner or later.

Each of our 42 member restaurants made a commitment to share the profits of the event with Local Matters. This remarkable organization has a broad range of programs…when their founder and director, Michael Jones, came to us at the beginning and explained the that the mission of the organization is to make sure that children and adults know where their food really comes from and what healthy, wholesome food is; to support our communities need for better access to healthy, local food and healthful ways to prepare it; and to entice our local farmers to grow more local food while helping them make a living wage while they do it, we knew these were like-minded people and that Dine Originals could be an important component in their outreach efforts. Check them out at Our goal is to have all of our supporters get behind this community-changing initiative.

As the season does begin to shift, our chefs are hunched over writing tablets and computer screens developing plans to infuse their menus with springtime flavors. The globalization of cuisine and climate-controlled indoor farming may mean that most ingredients are no longer seasonal, but the members of Dine Originals have the flexibility and the resources to capture the essence of the coming spring. The focus of our menus will evolve from showcasing winter’s rustic flavors to highlighting the best of spring’s produce and the fresh fish of America’s rivers. Think early spring peas. Salmon. Asparagus.

It’s early. I’m pushing. I know. But as the season of Easter and Passover comes around, you’ll be ready to benefit from some early sourcing and aspirational planning.

See how simpatico our efforts and the programs of Local Matters are?