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Dine Originals 10
Taste the city…
Authenticity has a flavor all its own!

February 25, 2013 – 8:48 am Posted by Katharine Moore

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We didn’t invent the culture that has developed around the appreciation for authentic great dishes, interesting wines, and local ingredients. Someone in Hipsterville, California probably deserves that credit…but when the dine local movement swept across America, boy did Columbus get it right!

We have remarkable restaurants, gifted chefs, a thriving network of farmers and artisan food operations, and a flourishing farmer’s market scene. Our good fortunes also include the national headquarters for Community Gardens, a beloved public market, a lively Slow Foods chapter, the remarkable Edible Columbus publication, an annual foodie film festival at the Wexner Center, Local Matters, a nationally recognized nonprofit initiative, and local distilleries that are making a mark.

Dine Originals 10 is our celebration of 10 years of Dine Originals Columbus, but it is also a salute to Central Ohio for fostering a vibrant culinary environment. The progress has been swift and profound: there will be more noteworthy events, dishes, and offerings over these ten days than Central Ohio saw in the last 2 decades of the twentieth century. We’re celebrating an amazing food scene and thanking a supportive community with ten days of special offers, one time menus, innovative events, and gatherings of like-minded patrons.

An organization like ours could only thrive with forward-thinking people who love good food. You know your tastes, act on your values, and come to the table with a sense of discovery. Your interests overlap with ours … local brews, seasonal fare, inspired wine pairings, and global flavors.
Please join in the festivities, it’s your contributions we want to recognize! 

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