Welcome to Dine Originals Columbus!

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Each member of Dine Originals Columbus has a specific philosophy about food, cooking, and hospitality.  But we have some very central shared values:  we prize everything to do with welcoming, hosting, and nourishing the people who gather around our tables.

The “dine local” movement characterizes the culture of our city and strengthens the local economy…one bite at a time.

For every one hundred dollars you spend in a locally owned business, sixty-eight dollars remains in the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures vs. forty-three dollars spent in a national chain.

Nationally recognized as a leader in the “Dine Local” movement, Dine Originals Columbus helps sustain the independent restaurant members and make them more viable. These restaurants help define Columbus, give it character and style, make it a memorable town to visit and live. We urge you to support independent restaurants and invite you to join us in our efforts with numerous local charitable events throughout the year in supporting our community.

We thank you for your commitment to keeping it local,

Tom Anthony
President, Dine Originals Columbus / Owner, Chili Verde Cafe

Officers and Board Members
Tom Anthony, Chile Verde Cafe, President
Lindsey Tewanger, Cravings Cafe, Vice President
Craig Hoover, The Top Steakhouse, Secretary

Class of 2020
Michelle Johnson, Katzinger’s
Claudia Plumley, Ohio Magazine
Michael Melching, Refectory
Jeff Benson, G. Michael’s
Craig Hoover, The Top
Kari Kaufmann, Experience Columbus
Bethia Wolfe, Columbus Food Adventures

Class of 2019
Scott Heimlich, Barcelona
Rick Wolfe, The North Market
Jennifer Poleon, Columbus Museum of Art

Class of 2018
Lindsey Tewanger, Cravings Cafe
Jeff Mathes, Due Amici
Kamal Boulos, Refectory
Kevin Caskey, Skillet
Tom Anthony, Chili Verde

Dine Originals Columbus celebrates, supports and promotes the culinary diversity that locally owned and operated member restaurants contribute to the identity and culture of our city. We are committed to strengthening the local economy and enriching our community through education and charitable partnerships.