Wine Wednesday

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Our favorite day of the week has come. Not only is it hump day, but more importantly it is Wine Wednesday! This delicious drink traces back to places such as Iran and Sicily from 6000 BC- 4000BC, and possibly even before in China around 7000 BC. Long story short, Wine should be considered a delicacy. And we love to explore the flavors and aromas of such a historic beverage.

Many of our restaurants offer a wine selection from across the globe. G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar have a mild and fruity Dr. F. Weins-Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kaibinett from Germany, while Nicola Restaurant & Bar has a wonderful Malbec from Argentina. Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails offers a special Pinot Grigio from Sicily. This is only a few of the abundant selection of wines Dine Originals have to offer.

For this Wine Wednesday we encourage you to stop by one of the restaurants mentioned and explore the world of wine, and the flavors, aromas and tastes that they offer.

By Leah Svoboda

Looking For An Experience?

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Many restaurants offer deals to draw customers in. But customers are tired of this approach, because in reality, you can get a good deal anywhere. In today’s world an experience and great food is what everyone is looking for.

Dine Originals members offer both experience and great food. Each restaurant has their own uniqueness, whether you visit the Old Mohawk, which when it originally opened in 1933 was Elk’s Tavern, and as legend has it operated as a speak easy or try Local Roots, where you will feel almost as if you are sitting in a farm house and the chef is walking out to the garden to pick the food you are about to eat. Or if you are looking for more of a down town vibe, Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus has an upbeat yet classy atmosphere. And these are just a few of our many restaurants to choose from.

No matter which restaurant you pick, you are guaranteed a one of a kind experience, our goal is to keep you excited about exploring the flavors with dine originals

By Leah Svoboda

The Different Flavors of Music

Come Explore With Us!

Come Explore With Us!

As we all know there are many different genres and tastes in music. Genres of music are like flavors, they are there to explore.

Columbus offers an amazing spectrum of musical artists, there is something for every pallet. In fact, many of our restaurants at Dine Originals present a wonderful array of music themselves. Any night of the week you can enjoy live piano or guitar at LaScala. Other restaurants such as Local Roots and Paddock Pub entertain us with Classic-New Age Rock from groups like the Thirsty Travelers or if Country suits your taste, you can listen to Peter Conrad. The Refectory provides a Dinner Music Series multiple days a week that might satisfy your appetite.

The different flavors of life; Dine Originals wants to help you explore them all.

By Leah Svoboda

They Changed The World!

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When making dinner every night what is the one thing that you need in every meal? I’ll give you a couple hints. Romans traded them for gold, they are the reason Christopher Columbus mistakenly “discovered” the Americas and they have caused numerous wars overtime… have any idea?

This mystery item is none other than spices! Even though they may not seem as important to people today, centuries ago, they changed the world. And as Dine Originals we understand the value of tradition and want to help you see how they are truly necessary for delicious food.

 Our Chefs understand how flavors work and incorporate a wide variety of spices for you to explore in every dish they prepare. Barcelona Restaurant and Bar brings a Spanish twist with the use of saffron in some of its dishes, while LaScala shows us a little piece of Italy with their use of pancetta.

In the end, it is the fragrant yet diminutive morsels we call spices, that fill any meal with amazing flavors you’ll want to explore.

By; Leah Svoboda

Dine Originals Week

Dine Originals week is just days away! With our list of amazing restaurants, it can be hard to decide which one to go to first.  Each restaurant offers different price points and options during this week to choose from. So come explore the flavors of Dine Originals Week. 

The Elevator Brewery has 3 courses for  $30. You will have choices like calamari, filet surf and turf, and elevator root beer float. The Old Mohawk has 3 courses for $20. You can decide between the strip steak, or the mahi-mahi tacos for your main course. Figlio options include spinach salad with pear and pecans, wild mushroom pizza, or tiramisu.

No matter where you go first, or what you order, you will be exploring some of the best independent restaurants in Columbus.