Looking For An Experience?

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Many restaurants offer deals to draw customers in. But customers are tired of this approach, because in reality, you can get a good deal anywhere. In today’s world an experience and great food is what everyone is looking for.

Dine Originals members offer both experience and great food. Each restaurant has their own uniqueness, whether you visit the Old Mohawk, which when it originally opened in 1933 was Elk’s Tavern, and as legend has it operated as a speak easy or try Local Roots, where you will feel almost as if you are sitting in a farm house and the chef is walking out to the garden to pick the food you are about to eat. Or if you are looking for more of a down town vibe, Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus has an upbeat yet classy atmosphere. And these are just a few of our many restaurants to choose from.

No matter which restaurant you pick, you are guaranteed a one of a kind experience, our goal is to keep you excited about exploring the flavors with dine originals

By Leah Svoboda