Taste So Good


Have you ever eaten something so good and thought, “wow how someone could anyone not like this?”  You are not the only one, but did you know that the reason behind this is very scientific?

Everyone has a different number of taste buds, and that number is what helps to influence the foods that you like or dislike. A person that has more taste buds is more likely to find flavors, such as spice, too intense. While others with fewer taste buds can handle foods that maybe more saturated with seasonings. Each persons taste buds hold sensory capacities that are the structure for taste cell receptors. So if you have more taste buds then you have more of those taste cells being activated.

 It’s great to get out there and try new foods! Just remember that everyone’s taste buds are different, so just because you enjoy one flavor doesn’t mean that everyone will. Isn’t it funny how science and food always seem to go hand in hand?