Need a Wine Guide, then your in Luck!


Have you ever gone out to a restaurant and wanted to order a glass of wine, but had no idea, which one would pair well with your meal? Trust me you are not the only one. But you’re in luck because here is a guide from Explore Food and Wine to help you out.

If your ordering a dish with earthy flavors like mushrooms, then a good pairing would be a red wine like Pinot Noir. This wine is light but has a savory flavor. If you’re looking for a rich seafood dish, then try a chardonnay with it. If you are craving a salty dish order a glass of champagne to go with it. If you are a big meat eater then the best wine to order would be Cabernet Sauvignon.

These are just a few of the delicious pairings that you can try. Take a look at these and many other pairings at