Vegan Please!

Plant Based food.jpg

People are becoming more cautious of what they are eating every day. Whetheryou eat meat, or are a vegetarian; we can all agree that we only want the best quality products. However more people are becoming aware of the Vegan lifestyle.

 According to an article by Brian Kateman titled ”Vegan Restaurants Are On The Rise” “U.S. consumers spent nearly $1.9 billion on plant-based milks in the last year and an impressive $3.3 billion on plant-based foods in 2018 — and the number of vegans in the United States jumped from 1 percent in 2014 to 6 percent in 2017, while an estimated one in three Americans now identify as “flexitarians,” with potentially even more embracing a "reducetarian" lifestyle”.

 Those who have decided to partake in the Vegan way of life have done so for many different reasons, being they were concerned about animal welfare, or health reasons. How do you feel about this up and coming change? Have you tried a vegan dish from one of our restaurants? Let us know!