The Different Flavors of Music

Come Explore With Us!

Come Explore With Us!

As we all know there are many different genres and tastes in music. Genres of music are like flavors, they are there to explore.

Columbus offers an amazing spectrum of musical artists, there is something for every pallet. In fact, many of our restaurants at Dine Originals present a wonderful array of music themselves. Any night of the week you can enjoy live piano or guitar at LaScala. Other restaurants such as Local Roots and Paddock Pub entertain us with Classic-New Age Rock from groups like the Thirsty Travelers or if Country suits your taste, you can listen to Peter Conrad. The Refectory provides a Dinner Music Series multiple days a week that might satisfy your appetite.

The different flavors of life; Dine Originals wants to help you explore them all.

By Leah Svoboda