They Changed The World!

spices and old world globe.jpg

When making dinner every night what is the one thing that you need in every meal? I’ll give you a couple hints. Romans traded them for gold, they are the reason Christopher Columbus mistakenly “discovered” the Americas and they have caused numerous wars overtime… have any idea?

This mystery item is none other than spices! Even though they may not seem as important to people today, centuries ago, they changed the world. And as Dine Originals we understand the value of tradition and want to help you see how they are truly necessary for delicious food.

 Our Chefs understand how flavors work and incorporate a wide variety of spices for you to explore in every dish they prepare. Barcelona Restaurant and Bar brings a Spanish twist with the use of saffron in some of its dishes, while LaScala shows us a little piece of Italy with their use of pancetta.

In the end, it is the fragrant yet diminutive morsels we call spices, that fill any meal with amazing flavors you’ll want to explore.

By; Leah Svoboda