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Experience Columbus Days
Oct. 11-14, 2013

September 25, 2013 – 9:02 am Posted by Katharine Moore

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Experience Columbus, our long- time partner in promoting Columbus as a dining destination to visitors from Athens, Ohio and Athens, Greece, takes one special holiday weekend a year to encourage locals to discover all that Columbus has to offer. If we could just come up with a less annoying word than “staycation” we’d use it! Experience Columbus Days is a city-wide event over Columbus Day weekend. Over the four-day holiday weekend, participating attractions offer discounts of 50 percent or more off admission to all guests showing an Experience Columbus Days flyer. Check out the Wilds, SegAway Tours, COSI, Shadowbox and more. The members of Dine Originals Columbus do their part by offering 25% off the food portion of any check for up to 2 people. We all appreciate the dollars and the vibrancy that visitors bring into Central Ohio, but there is nothing like the affection and appreciation we have for the locals!

Visit for all of the details and to print your Experience Columbus Days flyer. A printed or mobile version of the flyer must be presented to receive your discount.


Dine Originals 10. Ten years of making delicious dishes, like-minded friends, and a difference!

August 19, 2013 – 10:36 am Posted by Katharine Moore

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Each member of Dine Originals Columbus is offering a fixed menu at a value price for the ten day promotion September 16th – September 25th, and a number of our restaurants are also planning special events and one-time menus. From a contest involving hot dogs and beer shots to a tapas and wine tasting for those who didn’t get to Spain this summer, if you have a curious palate and a taste for hospitality, you are going to be thrilled with our September celebration.

>> Click here for Menu Details

Thank you Taste of Dine Originals 2013 Attendees!

May 20, 2013 – 10:34 am Posted by Katharine Moore

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Thank you for accepting our invitation to relish, sample and savor…the Taste of Dine Originals 2013 was a smashing success!

Photos by Mollie Lyman

With great appreciation,

The Buckeye Ranch and Dine Originals Columbus

The Taste of Dine Originals

April 1, 2013 – 9:09 am Posted by Katharine Moore

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The Taste of Dine Originals, our annual bash, is a celebration of small indulgences and enormous talent.

The annual event is one of Ohio’s best food and wine events, featuring tastings and samplings from 50 regional restaurants, 30 vineyards, 3 craft breweries, and a couple of micro distilleries. Chefs, brew masters, and winery representatives showcase their signature dishes and out-of-the-ordinary beverages. The offerings are wildly diverse, but there is a commonality: commitment to detail.

Join us on Thursday, May 9 at Capital University’s Fieldhouse for an evening of seafood, pastas, chocolate, the finest cuts of meat, salads, one bowl dishes, breads, vegetarian fare, grilled offerings, freshly baked pastries, and beverages worthy of the occasion. Our chefs will coax the sweet, sour, bitter, salty, savory, pungent, and metallic taste buds on your tongue into a state of euphoria.

The Salty Caramels will perform and Edible Columbus magazine will create an artisan farmers market featuring 20 farmers, honey producers, cheese makers, dairy operations, and bakers. There will be auction items for culinary experiences that are dreamed up to delight and amaze the like-minded champions of the dine local movement who turn out each year to raise funds for The Buckeye Ranch and Dine Originals Columbus.

Schedule the evening on your calendar. Alert your circle of friends. Arrange for the dog walker-babysitter-and/or car service. And purchase your tickets here

Dine Originals Columbus Decorator’s Show House Dinner Series

April 1, 2013 – 8:22 am Posted by Katharine Moore

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The Women’s Board of the Columbus Museum of Art has selected 21 South Parkview Avenue in the heart of Bexley, OH as the location for its 20th Anniversary Decorators’ Show House. This stately manor was renovated by

Behal Sampson & Dietz Architects and sits on 1.4 acres of prestigious Parkview Avenue. Perfect for Decorators’ Show House, this manor is complete with formal living and dining rooms, floor-to-ceiling paneled study, spacious family room, 2 staircases, and multiple fireplaces. Located in its own wing, the spacious owners retreat offers a luxury marble and limestone bathroom. Built in 1922, this home features breathtaking outdoor spaces.

From April 23 through May 12, 2013, the house will showcase numerous interior design and exterior landscape spaces that have been transformed by Central Ohio’s most prestigious interior and landscape designers. Visitors are sure to be awestruck by this home’s unmatched beauty and unique history, guests who stay for dinner will experience the space in a much more impactful way.

Dinner tickets are $35 and include one glass of wine

Additional wine will be available for sale by the glass or bottle 

Seating will be “family style”

Guests will gather at 6:00 pm

Tickets for the dinner series and the

Decorators’ Show House Tour are available at

April 23Due Amici

April 24Barcelona Restaurant & Bar

April 25G. Michael’s Bistro

April 30The Top Steakhouse

May 1The Top Steakhouse

May 2Hubbard Grille

May 7Skillet  Rustic. Urban. Food.

May 8The Refectory Restaurant & Bistro

May 9Barcelona Restaurant & Bar

The dinner series is made possible with support from the Wasserstrom Company, Gordon Food Service and Joseph Drouhin.

Dine Originals 10
Taste the city…
Authenticity has a flavor all its own!

February 25, 2013 – 8:48 am Posted by Katharine Moore

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We didn’t invent the culture that has developed around the appreciation for authentic great dishes, interesting wines, and local ingredients. Someone in Hipsterville, California probably deserves that credit…but when the dine local movement swept across America, boy did Columbus get it right!

We have remarkable restaurants, gifted chefs, a thriving network of farmers and artisan food operations, and a flourishing farmer’s market scene. Our good fortunes also include the national headquarters for Community Gardens, a beloved public market, a lively Slow Foods chapter, the remarkable Edible Columbus publication, an annual foodie film festival at the Wexner Center, Local Matters, a nationally recognized nonprofit initiative, and local distilleries that are making a mark.

Dine Originals 10 is our celebration of 10 years of Dine Originals Columbus, but it is also a salute to Central Ohio for fostering a vibrant culinary environment. The progress has been swift and profound: there will be more noteworthy events, dishes, and offerings over these ten days than Central Ohio saw in the last 2 decades of the twentieth century. We’re celebrating an amazing food scene and thanking a supportive community with ten days of special offers, one time menus, innovative events, and gatherings of like-minded patrons.

An organization like ours could only thrive with forward-thinking people who love good food. You know your tastes, act on your values, and come to the table with a sense of discovery. Your interests overlap with ours … local brews, seasonal fare, inspired wine pairings, and global flavors.
Please join in the festivities, it’s your contributions we want to recognize! 

CLICK HERE to View Dine Originals 10  Event Information and Menus

Dine Originals 10…A Culinary Adventure is coming!

January 30, 2013 – 1:00 pm Posted by Katharine Moore

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Dine Originals 10

Our contest to name the new 10 day promotion celebrating the vibrancy of the local food scene drew 130 submissions! Many of them were wicked clever and others were very funny, but it was the overwhelming spirit of “We get just what you are trying to do” that the board of trustees found so rewarding. In the end, we could have happily gone with any one of a dozen options, but the one we landed on Dine Originals 10…A Culinary Adventure, seemed to provide the greatest foundation for a far reaching marketing campaign. Congratulations to the winner. She asked to remain anonymous, but said she has been a Dine Originals devotee since landing in Columbus. “The Dine Originals roster gave us a road map for exploring our new city…that’s why the idea of a culinary adventure came to mind. We have been on one for six years!” Her prize of 10 gift certificates is certain to provide more remarkable experiences.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each of the Dine Originals champions who submitted entries. Here is just a sampling of how fun they were:

Cowtown Chowdown
Eat the Bus
Taste It or Leave It
Fork It Over
Ate, Dine, Ten
Dine Originals Columbus….The Way It Was InTENded
Discover Authenticity
Dine Originals “X”cellence
Our Table, your adventure
Savor the Difference
First & 10

On a scale of one to ten, our followers are a perfect ten when it comes to creativity, loyalty, and engagement!

Original Works of Art

Dine Originals Columbus has a special affinity for the arts patrons…we find a total overlap in audiences. Those who appreciated original works are the like-minded folks who seek out and support locally owned restaurants. They have that discriminating eye (and palate) that knows a special that was created earlier in the afternoon when the chef got back from North Market, versus a special that was designed in a corporate test kitchen in Wisconsin two years ago. No faux food for these people!

So we seek out opportunities to collaborate with arts organizations. We have 21 partners in our Out on the Town campaign, we are sponsors of the Wexner Center’s Off the Grid event, and we have just been invited to sponsor the café at this year’s Decorator’s Show House, an every-other-year project that benefits the Columbus Museum of Art.

From April 23 through May 12, 2013, the house, located in Bexley, will showcase numerous interior design and exterior landscape spaces that will be transformed by Central Ohio’s most prestigious interior and landscape designers. The Dine Originals Café will be open for lunch each day, and will feature a series of special dinner events by members including Barcelona Restaurant & Bar, G. Michael’s Bistro, and The Top Steakhouse.

Membership News

With heavy hearts we announce the closing of Babushka’s Kitchen. If only there had been a business model that provided a fair return on all of the love poured into the family recipes that were prepared from scratch each day.

And we share the news that Mezzo Gahanna has sold the business. A new owner will open a different concept in the space this spring. Meanwhile, Mezzo Dublin continues to thrive and the team there rocks on.

Hmmm…two available memberships and a waiting list of applicants. Can’t wait to see how things work out! In the meantime, gift certificates will be honored, exchanged, or refunded as you wish.


Taste of Dine Originals, the $100 ticket that provides entrance to a night of sipping, noshing, savoring, grazing, chatting, dancing, and clinking with the owners, chefs, brew masters, sommeliers,and patrons of 50 amazing restaurants, 30 notable vineyards and 2 local breweries. Factor it into your plans, budget and calendar for May 9, 2013!

A Sale, A Contest, and a Heaping of Gratitude

January 2, 2013 – 10:38 am Posted by Katharine Moore

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4 X

Four times a year, each of our members release a limited number of discounted Gift Certificates. Valued at $25 and $10, they are sold at a 30% discount on our website. The first release of the new year is scheduled for Wednesday, January 9. To make room for the new inventory we are discounting the certificates we have in stock and offering them at 50% off the face value. Click here for a taste of incredible value.

Win 10 Gift Certificates

Dine Originals Columbus turns 10 years old this spring. On a scale of one to ten, Dine Originals Columbus is a “10” any way you tally it. Once every Tom, Dick, and Harry in town jumped on our restaurant week concept, we got a little bored with it. Before one of those Ruby Olive TGI Saturdays got onto the band wagon, we knew it was time to get off. Our members take that whole “ORIGINAL” thing very seriously.

In celebration of the Power of Ten, we are reinventing our twice annual promotion of the best of what Dine Originals has to offer. In March and September we will produce ten day celebrations with offerings that showcase not just an incredible array of 3 course special menus, but a calendar of experiential opportunities to taste, sip, glug, dip, toast, roast, pair, and explore. A one size menu offering just doesn’t fit. We have delicatessens, white cloth style with coveted ratings, ethnic fare, and destination dining. Our membership roster features a hot dog palace, a few saloons, one bodega, and two James Beard Foundation nominated chefs. They haven’t invented the cookie cutter that can contain all of that creative power.

An organization like ours could only thrive with forward-thinking people who love good food. You know your tastes, act on your values, and come to the table with a sense of discovery. Your interests overlap with ours … local brews, seasonal fare, inspired wine pairings, and global flavors. You can be, for lack of a better word, gob smacked by an artisan cheese or a perfectly poached egg. So we need your originality and input before we can launch the ten day celebration concept. In a nod to the very foundation of our organization…our relationship with you, we bring the naming rights to the table. Please accept this invitation to submit as many as three names for the ten-day-long culinary celebrations that will brand our 10th anniversary year. One “title” will be selected and the winner will be awarded TEN $25 certificates to the Dine Originals Columbus members of their choice. Please email your entries to by January 10th.

A Heaping of Gratitude

We wouldn’t have lasted the first year, we wouldn’t have grown from 7 to 50 members, we wouldn’t have navigated the choppy waters of an astoundingly tough economic downturn, we wouldn’t have been able to raise and contribute over $100,000 to local philanthropies, we wouldn’t be the champions of 21 arts organizations, or the standard bearer for the Dine Local movement without your very mindful support. You have “gotten” the message from the very beginning, and you have spent your dining dollars accordingly. We were once afraid the locally-owned restaurant would go the way of the independent bookstore and the neighborhood hardware shop. That is no longer a concern …we have absolute faith that there isn’t a chain marketing campaign out there that could persuade you that a menu developed in a corporate test kitchen 1,000 miles away two years ago can compete with what our chefs will be preparing tonight after checking their pantries and getting in today’s deliveries.

Thank you. For each and every bite!

Save the Date

Thursday, May 9, 2013: Taste of Dine Originals

You choose the amount, they choose the experience!

November 30, 2012 – 12:10 pm Posted by Katharine Moore

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True story: No one has ever returned a Dine Originals Columbus Gift Certificate because it didn’t fit, was the wrong color, or they already had one.


Come to think of it, no one has ever returned a Dine Originals Columbus Gift Certificate period!

Our Dine Originals Dollars are available in increments up to $100.00 and can be purchased and printed (or emailed to the recipient) in 2 minutes flat.

Worried it isn’t personal enough? Add a splash of creativity:

      • Print a certificate, wrap it with a small globe and enclose a card that says “Local Chefs, Global Flavors.”
      • Print a certificate, insert it into a box of Cracker Jacks for the best prize ever
      • Print a certificate, pair it with movie tickets and the offer to babysit
      • Print a certificate, and present it with a roll of quarters for downtown parking
      • Print a certificate, and wrap it up with a chef’s memoir…perhaps Julia Child’s “My Life in France.”
      • Print a certificate, and pair it with a gift card from the North Market…one for when they want to cook, and the other for when they don’t!

And really? This season, 50 is the trend. There are 50 ways to leave  your lover, 50 shades of gray, and 50 Dine Originals member restaurants to select from! 

You make the gesture, they make the choice.



Dine Originals Week Fun!

November 12, 2012 – 1:59 pm Posted by Katharine Moore

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Our colleague in the effort to celebrate local dining, Jim Ellison , has a very clever, very useful blog called CMH Gourmand. Check out the fun he is inviting his followers to have with Dine Originals Week.

For the latest Dine Originals  information and details, visit: