1105 Pennsylvania Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201

Open M-F 8-9, Sat-Sun 8-4

Known for its gourmet sandwiches often featuring offbeat ingredients and Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses, this indie cafe has one of the city’s most loyal followings. The corner cafe also has one of the best patios in Columbus, and its new owner has made the cafe even more inviting with quirky touches like antique carts, trays and even an Indian circus sign that lights up “Katalina” on the old gas station’s front. Plans to feature unique cocktails this fall will coincide with more upscale but still accessible nighttime nibbles like their already popular hummus plate, one of the only things on the menu not influenced with the light Latin twists the cafe has become known for. Daily soups and specials inspired by what’s available at local markets–and what inspires the chef that day–are becoming more plentiful and more popular. Constantly inspired by travels and regular trips to New York, Katalina has won not one but two North Market food contests, the city’s only restaurant so far to do so.