“Spill the Beans” contest

We invited Dine Originals Columbus followers to tell us about the most difficult person on their gift list and to explain why a Dine Originals Gift Certificate would be a solution to the problem.  The essays were a mix of “I have the greatest Mom and she is hard to buy for” with more than one “You have no idea how picky a person who works for Abercrombie can be”, and a few “I drew the most impossible person to please in the family gift exchange…help!”  We drew one winner, as promised, and added an extra $100 certificate for some comfort food for a supporter who is down and out this season.

The winner (who shall remain anonymous to maintain family ties!) told us:

I drew my sister-in-law for our sibling gift exchange. Worst draw ever. The most materialistic individual I’ve ever met, married into one of the least materialistic families ever. The results: A slew of gifts that don’t measure up. Anything that is out there that would be a great gift for her is a no go, because she’s already bought it. She doesn’t even wait until she is done opening the gifts to start asking for gift receipts. It comes mid-wrapping paper tear! I need a DOC card. They love to eat out, and there is no gift receipt to give!

And, the essay that grabbed our hearts explained:

Ordinarily my wife is very easy to please at all gift occasions. A quick, but expensive, trip to the jewelry store and she will, once again, be surprised. The surprise, of course, is in the details, not the gift category.

This year, however, thanks to our vicious early winter, she is in surgery rehab recovering from a broken hip and wrist. After four day of hospital food and who knows how many days of rehab facility food, a fine meal from one of her favorite local restaurants is going to be the best gift ever.”

Thanks to the dozens of supporters who entered the contest in great spirits, with such terrific support of the notion that a Dine Originals Gift Certificate can solve most any holiday challenge.  It’s true…from loving mothers who won’t treat themselves, to divas who want to order their dinner in French…a Dine Originals Columbus Gift Certificate will WOW them all!