G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar Menu

September 16th-22nd

G. Micheals.jpg

Three Courses for $35.00

First course

Pulled Porkon bacon, hominy, apple, kale, and onion sauté with honey pecan cream and pickled hot peppers

  Cream of Mushroom Soupwith basil pesto spiked goat cheese

 Shrimp, Leek, and Spinach Fritter with gnocchi, lemon-pepper cream, and sun-dried tomato jam


Second course

Broiled Flat Iron Steakwith gorgonzola bread pudding, sautéed spinach, green peppercorn reduction, and candied cherry tomatoes

 Pan Roasted Pork Chopbraised greens, white cheddar grits, roast Vidalia cream, and corn relish

 Seared Rainbow Troutwith hot pepper green beans, butternut purée, pear chutney, and port wine-golden balsamic reduction (seared tofu available on request)



Lemon Gingersnap Tartwith fresh berries, passion fruit sauce, and whip cream

 Pecan Piewith Johnson's praline ice cream

 Espresso spiked Chocolate Cake with raspberry sauce and Frangelico frosting